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The unusual tale of medical marijuana and also pediatric epilepsy | How Much Cbd Is In Chemnerds Pure Hemp Oil

We are going to chitchat simply a bit regarding medical cannabis. How much cbd is in chemnerds pure hemp oil. Back in 2010 I had the honor to help co-author a House costs right here in Colorado that I had actually wished would certainly help extremely seriously sick patients obtain accessibility to medicinal cannabis, while permitting responsible regulations and also policies around what I assume most would consider a really misconstrued market. How much cbd is in chemnerds pure hemp oil.

Nevertheless, what took place, in my point of view, were some of one of the most loathsome examples of the misuse of cannabis law and cannabis usage that I might have visualized.

I had the possibility to fulfill a extremely unique good friend of mine, Charlotte Figi. Charlotte, besides being dear to my heart, is a six-year-old, as well as like most little six-year-olds Charlotte, she simply enjoys the color pink, enjoys to go play in the woods with her twin sis, Chase, and also her older brother, Max.

Charlotte’s one of one of the most frequent cannabis customers that I recognize. There it is; there’s the word: cannabis. Provokes all type of different people, various points to various people. How much cbd is in chemnerds pure hemp oil. To some people, it’s the adversary’s weed, right? Others, it’s simply a pseudo medical excuse to obtain high, as well as yet, others discover true medical benefit with it.

However, at the end of the day, what are we speaking about right here? We’re just speaking about a plant. OK? This is a plant that grows anywhere from three to 8 feet tall, usually. Regarding every 7 to ten weeks, it’ll produce a flower or a bud, as you recognize it, however that’s it, simply a plant.

It also expands on six continents. Yet it’s a plant that Charlotte Figi uses a great deal of to control her grand mal seizures. And also in no unpredictable terms, Charlotte’s life depends on this plant. You see, Charlotte was identified when she was three months old with a extremely, really unusual and terrible form of epilepsy, referred to as Dravet syndrome.

And also Charlotte will certainly experience a really high number of what we call tonic-clonic, or grand mal seizures – regarding one every 20 to 25 minutes, people. As well as these seizures, these seizures will last anywhere from 15 to 25 mins.

So basically, Charlotte’s life is invested in a seizure and also catatonic state. Two times, Charlotte’s mother, Paige, has had to bring her back to life using CPR. How much cbd is in chemnerds pure hemp oil. At any type of offered time, Charlotte will certainly be on seven daily different pharmaceutical seizure medications, none of which control her seizures.

When Charlotte was five years of ages, her seizures had reached their worst. And also her medical team informed the Figi family things like “Start making prep work for her death.” She was probably not going to get up from this.

The Figis hesitantly signed a do-not-resuscitate order for Charlotte around this moment. She was sent home with a equipped chair, a feeding tube in her belly as she would certainly lost all of her life skills, and the family had to say their goodbyes.

It really did not look like she would certainly pull through. How much cbd is in chemnerds pure hemp oil. However bear in mind, thanks to my old friend Ben which back pain epidemic, it wasn’t completion for Charlotte, as well as the Figis weren’t ready to give up hope.

And also they set out on a trip to locate, of all individuals, my household and also our honorary sibling, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, we set out on a mission, a extremely one-of-a-kind mission, to breed a special strain of cannabis plant, among these was essentially free of the psychoactive compound that you all know is tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. And also one that was extremely, extremely high in the little-known non-psychoactive compound called CBD, or cannabidiol.


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Well, we did well in this initiative in January of 2012, and this is right around the moment that the Figis were signing their do-not-resuscitate order. And also luckily, Paige Figi found us in February of 2012.


How Much Cbd Is In Chemnerds Pure Hemp Oil
How Much Cbd Is In Chemnerds Pure Hemp Oil – Medical Benefits Of Marijuana

How much cbd is in chemnerds pure hemp oil. Now, my bros and also I had read a great deal of research studies, a lot of research, that had actually been appearing of Israel from the 80s, 90s, as well as approximately today on this study. My brothers as well as I thought that this little-known compound could simply be the missing web link to give some validity in the realm of cannabis study. And as it turns out we were correct. Now, the plant that we had produced, while it may have immense medical benefits, completely non-psychoactive was totally worthless to Ben. So we named the plant The Hippie’s Disappointment and also while it didn’t prove useful to Ben, it confirmed exceptionally beneficial to little Charlotte. Therefore when Paige called us that February, informed us of Charlotte’s condition, we were ready to enter; we prepared to help.

As a matter of fact, we could not wait … till Paige went down the bomb on us: Charlotte was 5 years old. How much cbd is in chemnerds pure hemp oil. And think about it for a minute. We’re most likely to offer a five-year-old cannabis? Essentially, visions of this were popping in my head.

However we overcame this, quite swiftly, as well as we started to remove and create, and proportion, a non-psychoactive, laboratory tested pediatric tincture for Charlotte. As well as I’m happy to tell you that within the initial administration, Charlotte went from having a seizure every 20 to 25 minutes – that’s 400 a week, men – to 0-1 weekly.

Charlotte was off 100% of her drugs. How much cbd is in chemnerds pure hemp oil. Say goodbye to pharmaceuticals. Charlotte is currently awake; she’s alive. We changed the name of the plant from The Hippie’s Disappointment and also currently the name is affectionately called Charlotte’s Web, in honor of Charlotte, as well as it always will be Charlotte’s Web.

Now, Charlotte’s not an separated incident right here. We presently treat over 40 pediatric patients right here in Colorado with the very same, similar, and also believe it or not, even far better outcomes than what Charlotte experiences.

Presently, there more than 200 family members originating from all over the globe to Colorado to participate in our treatment program. We’re soon to move right into California as well where we literally have over a thousand youngsters with pediatric epilepsy and also their households waiting for us, and we’ll be moving to other states as quickly as regulations will enable us.

Zaki Jackson is number two patient right after Charlotte, a great friend of ours. Zaki, however, he deals with a syndrome referred to as Doose syndrome. How much cbd is in chemnerds pure hemp oil. As well as before this treatment, Zaki was experiencing over 200 seizures a day.

On October 4th, we’re all going to get with each other to commemorate Zaki’s one year seizure-free anniversary. And also you understand, it’s very, very difficult for me as an outsider to communicate what this means to households, and also I desired Zaki’s mother, Heather Jackson, to inform you guys what this has implied to her.

Heather Jackson: And I get to state, after almost a decade, I get to satisfy him for the first time, without all this seizure activity. How much cbd is in chemnerds pure hemp oil. He had drugs. If you can visualize waiting ten years to meet your youngster! So, you can see, this has a favorable influence on a great deal of family members.

So, because of that, my brothers and also I started a nonprofit organization called the Realm of Caring, and also the Realm helps to give support, resources, education, physician-backed medical studies, along with safe and also cost effective accessibility to our treatment program.

Currently, the Realm remains in the middle of setting up research study protocols with some of the nation’s leading epileptologists in order to begin coming down to the bottom of the scientific research also better, as to why this plant is working so well for these children.


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So, why is this plant functioning so well? How much cbd is in chemnerds pure hemp oil. Well, cannabidiol has the greatest anti-inflammatory and also neuroprotectant properties discovered in nature, and also CBD actually communicates with structures on the surface of brain cells referred to as receptors, and acting as that neuroprotectant and also anti-inflammatory assists to decrease, and as you’ve seen, even eliminate seizure activity.

Currently, while we don’t recognize, it seems as though CBD is really contributing in the fixing of brain function. And research study researchers and our physicians think that this is why Charlotte, Zaki, and also various other youngsters in this program are really experiencing an continuous development of motor, social as well as developmental skills, meaning that they’re in fact coming back to cognition a growing number of as well as more every day.

They’re improving, people, I mean, it’s extraordinary.  How much cbd is in chemnerds pure hemp oil. I assume it’s additionally essential to keep in mind right here that epilepsy is not the only point that CBD appears to be valuable for. According to some of our early research studies as well as research studies out of Israel right now, they’re showing amazing results in PTSD, in migraine headaches, clinical depression, arthritis, cancer cells, and also cardiovascular disease, as well as also further studies, think it or otherwise, are showing this obscure compound might have the capabilities of helping to stop the progression of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS, MS, and diabetes mellitus.

Currently, I assume it’s fairly clear, all of us understand extremely, extremely, very little concerning this plant. How much cbd is in chemnerds pure hemp oil. We’ve stayed in the last 80 years in this nation under a cloud of publicity and also anxiety. We’re recently, however, beginning to get up from that concern.


Where To Get CBD Near Me – How Much Cbd Is In Chemnerds Pure Hemp Oil

We’re starting to change that anxiety with approval, understanding, and education. What’s happening? Amazing things, right? Incredible explorations. And that’s what happens whenever you’re able to lay concern to remainder.

Yet, we have a long way to go right here. I desire you all to consider something with me real quick. How much cbd is in chemnerds pure hemp oil. Charlotte is awake now, OK? After experiencing a five-year darkness and also anxiety type headache. I don’t recognize how you ‘d feel, however me, I would certainly seem like doing some checking out, I would certainly feel like seeing the globe, going out there.

Well, picture Charlotte feels quite the same. Yet picture this: She can’t even leave the state of Colorado. If she does, she faces a life-and-death circumstance without her drug. Not to mention the truth that the minute the Figis family, when they leave the state of Colorado on a family members trip with her medication, they become drug traffickers.

The amount of various other children can’t get involved in the state to get this treatment? How much cbd is in chemnerds pure hemp oil. It’s not that easy to load your entire life up and also move from anywhere you are in the nation, or the world for that matter, and simply move to Colorado. And furthermore, they should not need to! Colorado youngsters are not various, from a physical standpoint from a child that lives in a Midwestern state. It harms me to inform you this following part, but this is a fact we face constantly here.

Just last week, a really unique young child in Indiana with Dravet syndrome died because his household couldn’t go out below to get the treatment in time. And we couldn’t send it to him because the law doesn’t allow it. If the law allowed it, it’s a next-day air package. It’s that simple. Individuals, children are dying. How much cbd is in chemnerds pure hemp oil. Come on! We can do far better than this. As humans, we should do better than this. And I’m certain that we will certainly do better than this.

Now, just the number of more Charlottes? The number of even more Zakis? How many even more children are available that this plant could potentially offer alleviation for? This begs us to ask the concern: Are we willing to change our national view on medicinal cannabis and also trade to conserve a thousand even more lives? How about simply one more life? Well, men, I have a really unique good friend here this evening that strongly believes this to be the case.

And if you all do not mind, I would like to introduce you to among one of the most daring little ladies I’ve ever before met in my life. How much cbd is in chemnerds pure hemp oil. Please welcome and satisfy Charlotte Figi and also her moms and dads, Matt and Paige.
As well as there’s a big amount of individuals coming right here, having to relocate and root out as well as coming right here. I can’t also give you a number; we take 4,000 calls a month. I believe there are some moms and dads in the crowd tonight.

Is there anything that surprised you concerning the treatment, I suggest, a) possibly that it functioned, yet exists anything else that had not been covered in the talk? PF: it was the very first treatment that we attempted, and we attempted everything – even diet that appeared apparently harmless – it was the first treatment we attempted that functioned this well, which had beneficial negative effects.

How much cbd is in chemnerds pure hemp oil. There’s not a one negative negative effects, as well as it’s simply been beneficial. That is unprecedented with epilepsy. I wish this provides you some insights into the medical benefits of marijuana.  How much cbd is in chemnerds pure hemp oil.


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